The elevated structures are fully air-conditioned, and allow
light to fill the room. All houses come with a king-size bed, en-suite bathroom with shower, complimentary Wi‑Fi, & daily housekeeping. 

Lift Houses: Ernest Hemingway House | George Orwell House  | Stanley Kubrik House 

The Lift Bali experience comprises elevated structures capturing a relationship with nature in different ways.

Ernest Hemingway house

Ernest Hemingway house is a type of traditional vernacular house of the Javanese people (Javanese omah). The word joglo refers to the shape of the roof. In the highly hierarchical Javanese culture, the type of the roof of a house reflects the social and economic status of the owners of the house; joglo houses is traditionally associated with Javanese aristocrats.

This unique house we made lifted 12 meter from the ground is beautifully decorated with rugs, furniture made of rattan and recycle wood a very special holiday accommodation for an adventurous couples.

George Orwell House

George Orwell House is a building that is designed for those of you who like adventure, we provide 2 floors where in the lower floor is a bathroom and above is a bedroom equipped with a balcony, and also this building has a roof top from the alan-alang roof to add coolness and from here you can see an amazing forest view

This house is suitable for couples and travelers or bagpackers who like challenges

Stanley Kubrik House

Stanley Kubrik House is a building that is designed to resemble a cube inside which is set with a luxurious interior without leaving a natural impression, this room allows you to enjoy the surrounding views and get a view of the forest directly from your bed. and also this house provides a roof top built with alang-alang roofs here we can use it to relax while looking at the incredible forest views

This room is perfect for travelers and couples who want to enjoy the beauty of nature while wanting to feel the atmosphere of luxury